735420,Nurobod district, RoziqovaRozi 15 Street


(+992 3133) 30076


(+992 3133) 30076


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Reception of citizens:

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Prosecutor of the Nurobod district

Ikromov Hodi Burovich

In 1990 graduated from the Law faculty of the Lenin Tajik State University

From 1990 – assistant of the prosecutor, investigator, senior investigator of the prosecutor’s office of the Central district of Dushanbe city, prosecutor-criminalist of the prosecutor’s office of the Dushanbe city, prosecutor, senior prosecutor of the Bureau on investigation of the particularly important criminal cases of the General Prosecutor’s office, deputy of the head of the Bureau of supervision over the preliminary investigation in the prosecutor’s office, prosecutor of the Tavildara district

From January 2014 – prosecutor of the Nurobod district

Counselor of Justice 1st class

Fluent in Tajik and Russian languages