Official statement of the General Prosecutor’s Office of the Republic of Tajikistan

  Dushanbe, 17.09.2015. – On the night of September 3 to 4, 2015 a former deputy minister of defense of the Republic of Tajikistan Nazarzoda Abduhalim Mirzo known as «hoji Halim» by the preliminary consultation jointly with the head of military inspectorate of the Ministry of Defense Umarov Junaidullo Sattorovich and other criminal persons who are the ex-servicemen of the 25th military battalion of military unit 31001 of the Ministry of Defense

developed concrete plan in order to launch an armed attack against the power structures' representatives in the territory of Dushanbe city, Vahdat and Rudaki districts and on the same day abusing the official powers entered to the central apparatus of the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Tajikistan, military units of 08050 and 17651 and captured significant amounts of different types of firearms, weapons and ammunitions. 

It has been identified that Nazarzoda Abduhalim Mirzo for the last years by the direct instructions and supervision of the chairman of the Islamic Renaissance Party of Tajikistan Kabiri Muhiddin in order to realize their criminal acts had organized more than 20 small criminal groups and directly supervised them. The final decision on the armed attacks was taken in August, 2015 and for these purposes to them through so-called charitable funds of certain circles of foreign countries were transferred a large amount of cash.

Armed attacks of the night of September 4, on the Department of the Interior Ministry in Vahdat city, killing of law enforcement officers in the crossroad of Ayni and Ahmadi Donish streets of Dushanbe city, killing of law enforcement officers in Rudaki district are the acts of these criminal groups.

On September 4, 2015 by the Prosecutor General of the Republic of Tajikistan against organizers and members of this criminal group were opened criminal charges by the articles 187 (organizing of criminal community), 199 (possession of weapons, ammunitions and explosive devices), 104 (murder), 181 (hostage taking), 179 (terrorism), 329 (threat to the law enforcement officers and servicemen) and 391 (abuse of power or official position, excess of official powers or the inaction of the government) of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Tajikistan.

For the purpose of detention and criminal proceedings against armed criminal group by the law enforcement agencies and power structures have been organized the special headquarters and the counter-terrorist operations were launched. In the course of operations more than 600 units of different types of weapons and 11357 different pieces of bullets were discovered and seized.

In the course of an armed conflict 25 terrorists had been liquidated, 125 members of the terrorist group and their accomplices, including 28 of them were identified and arrested with the active cooperation of the local residents.

Unfortunately, in the course of these operations 14 servicemen of law enforcement bodies died.

It should be noted that several members of the terrorist group who have repented of their deeds voluntarily surrendered to law enforcement agencies.

During the preliminary investigation, was seized personal property of Nazarzoda A., in particular 9 enterprises, 9 dwellings, and 56 units of motor vehicles and other property, in addition, the arrest of the three residential areas, a large number of agricultural machines, a two-storey building consisting of 27 apartments, 2 houses - consisting of 20 rooms, and 2 unfinished buildings, plants and other production facilities, private farms with a total area of land in 26 ha, as well as a large number of cattle belonging to other members of the criminal group Muhiddin Kabiri and Junaydullo Umarov. The total amount of seized property of these persons is more than 120 mln somoni.

In a joint law enforcement operation, which took place on September 16 this year, there were eliminated and arrested leaders and associates of the said terrorist group.

Based on the evidence obtained during the investigation, in order to prevent new terrorist acts and involvement of citizens to commit crimes of an extremist nature, the organization of illegal armed groups to destabilize the situation and ensure the safety of the population in Tajikistan after the complete neutralization of terrorist groups while trying to escape and leave the territory of the Republic of Tajikistan detained the following persons who are active members of the IRP and the suspected criminal activities of armed groups of Nazarzoda A.M:

1. Hisaynov Umarali Fatohovich, born in 1961, native of Muminabad district, a resident of Dushanbe city, Krupskaya Street, house 114;

2. Jobir Rakhmatulloi Rajab, born in 1958, native of the village Tahnazar rural community Mehrobod of Faizabad district, a resident of Dushanbe, Shohmansur district, Street. F. Attor, Apt. 50;

3. Davlatov Abdukahor Abdukarimovich, born in 1975, native Jaloliddin Rumi district, a resident of Dushanbe, street. Ushakov house -110, Apt. 8;

4. Karimov Sattor Samadovich, born in 1959, native of the city of Kulyab, a resident of Hissar district, Mirzo Rizo rural community, village of Dehi Nav;

5. Rozikov Zubaydulloh, born in 1946, native Abdurahmon Jami district, a resident of Dushanbe, street. Aini, home 337, Apt. 15;

6. Muhammadalii Fayzmuhammad, born in 1959, born in Panj District, a resident of Dushanbe, community Khojanbiyoi Poyon home 125;

7. Hikmatullo Sayfullozoda, born in 1950, born in Panj District, a resident of Dushanbe, street Gafurov, home 10/1 apt. 10;

8. Haitov Mahmadali Rahmonovich, born in 1957, native and resident of Dushanbe, street. Alisher Navoi, 17/4, apt.6;

9. Avazov Kiyomiddin Kurumdzhonovich, born in 1959, native of Vakhsh district, a resident of Dushanbe, street. B. Gafurov, home. 10/1 apt. 10;

10. Hujayeva Zarafo Rahmonovna, born in 1973, native of Qumsangir district, a resident of Dushanbe, street. Rahmon Nabiev, home.132, apt.40;

11. Nabiev Mahmadsharif Mahmadalievich, born in 1962, native and resident of Kulyab city, st. Frunze, house. 84;

12. Ghairatov Abdusamad Ismoilovich, born in 1962, native and resident of Kulyab, community Tamoshoteppa;

13. Qosiddinov Vohidkhon, born in 1956, native of rural community of Chorkuh, Isfara city, a resident of Dushanbe, street Pulodi, home. 19, apt. 10.


The investigation in this direction is underway.